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Resource management is specialised work, requiring plenty of experience, whether you’re talking about planning for public infrastructure or for private developments, implementing a construction project, or engaging in environmental management. Why not speak to people who’ll help your vision come to life as efficiently as possible?

Lands & Survey offers professional planning and resource management services for a range of clients all across New Zealand, so there’s no reason we can’t do the same for you. We have experience in both the private and public sectors, which provides a unique perspective on projects in both spheres. Whatever the requirement, whatever outcomes you want to achieve, we’d be delighted to be involved, and to make a positive impact on your project, or your community.

Make use of our multi-disciplinary team of experts to build a clear scope for your project, maximising your returns while minimising any challenges.

With experience in both the private and public sectors

Our resource management and planning services include:

Resource consents (buildings, land, water, subdivision)

Assessment of effects on the environment (AEE)

Development potential, feasibility studies and due diligence

Project management and development of consenting strategies 

Coordination and management of technical environmental inputs 

Spatial planning and policy 

Review of district and regional plans, including submissions to council 

Coastal planning and management 

Stakeholder and public engagement and communications 

Private plan changes 

Structure planning 

Plan and RMA case law interpretation advice 

Environmental management plans 

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Talk to us about your next project.