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Need help on any land-related matter? We’ll be happy to assist you with that, and more. From surveying to resource management planning, from major civil engineering solutions to simple two-lot subdivisions, our team has the depth of experience and the broad skill set to assist you.

Better still, we love nothing more than to be of service. We are committed to working collaboratively, through careful fiscal planning, meticulously prepared timelines, and tireless work. So, if you’re looking for a true partner, let’s chat.

We have over 40 years of involvement in New Zealand land matters of all kinds, but we also have a wide range of professional skills and experiences beyond land development. If you need help with planning policy work, submissions to councils, or with infrastructure projects – including surveying, engineering, planning or feasibility reports – we’d be happy to help. We also have know-how in related disciplines and tasks too extensive to list here, so if you’re at all unsure just ask.

What we do

Lands Surveying

With Lands & Survey, you have access to the hard-earned knowledge of specialists who have spent years mastering all kinds of surveying tasks.

Resource planning

Lands & Survey offers professional planning and resource management services for a range of clients all across New Zealand.

Civil Engineering

The Lands & Survey team of engineers are skilled in dealing with local councils, contractors and other experts. 

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